After killing Muslims and Dalits, now they coming after our children: kejriwal


New Delhi: Condemning the attack on a school bus by a mob protesting against the release of ‘Padmaavat’ in Gurugram, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, the forces that “killed Muslims and burnt Dalits” are now “intruding into our homes, coming after our children”.

Arvind Kejriwal addressing at a state-level event to celebrate Republic Day

it was imperative to “speak up” against “divisive forces” as people could not afford to remain silent anymore like “they were” when Muslims and Dalits were targeted in the country in the past, he said.

“I appeal to everyone. We cannot afford to remain silent anymore. They killed Muslims, burnt Dalits alive, thrashed them. Today, they have started pelting our children with stones, have started intruding into our homes. Don’t remain silent now, speak up,” Kejriwal said.

Speaking at a state-level event to celebrate Republic Day at north Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium here, in the nearly 40-minute-long speech, marked by a combative tone, Kejriwal said it was a matter of “shame” that schoolchildren were pelted with stones a few kilometres away from the national capital ahead of Republic Day.

Delhi Chief Minister said people involved in Wednesday’s incident should be given strong punishment, “harsher than the punishment Lord Rama had given to Ravana”.

“It is the land of Rama, Krishna, Gautam Budhha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak, Kabir and Meera, followers of Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ. I want to ask were the people who hurled stones Hindus, Muslims or Christians? Which religion preaches violence against children?” he said.




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