After Sangat Singh, Two more Congress MLAs resign from party positions


Sangrur: After Urmur Tanda MLA Sangat Singh’s resign, two more congress MLAs resigned from all party posts.

As per media reports Amargarh MLA Surjit Dhiman and Nathu Ram, party MLA from Balluana, have resigned from their positions in the Congress party. But they would continue as MLAs, remain in the party and work for the welfare of their voters.

Dhiman is vice president of Punjab Congress while Nathu Ram is its general secretary.

Both alleged discrimination with the BC and SC community by the party while expanding the Punjab cabinet.

Dhiman and Nathu Ram alleged that if the Congress did not want to make them ministers, the party could have chosen other MLAs from their party.

Dhiman alleged that the Congress would suffer in the next general election.



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