Bhai Tara’s Confession: we killed Beant Singh, he was responsible for killing innocent Sikhs




 Chandigarh: Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara lodged in Burail jail Chandigarh confessed before the CBI court that CBI Beant Singh was responsible for killing thousands of innocent Sikh youths and hence they were left with no option but to avenge the deaths.

Bhai jagtar Singh [File Photo]
Bhai Tara, an accused in the assassination of former Chief Minister Beant Singh, submitted a six-page confession letter to the court today.

As per report published in The Tribune, while claiming to having killed the former CM, Tara said he did not regret it. He admitted it while his statement was being recorded under Section 313 of the IPC. The next hearing is on February 7.

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The letter has also expressed anger over policemen involved in these killings being rewarded by the government. He quoted religious texts, which encouraged punishing those who commit evil, media reports said.

The letter said he was not afraid of being called an anti-national or a rebel.


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