Calgary’s Gurdwara committee cancels invitation to MP Deepak Obhroi for anti Sikh motion in Canadian parliament


Calgary Canada:  As per media reports Conservative MP Deepak Obhroi is in hot waters after his attempt to bring an anti-Sikh motion in Canadian parliament.

File Photo: Conservative MP Deepak Obhroi

Today is in hometown Calgary, speaking to a huge congregation at Gurdwara Dasmesh Cultural Society Calgary, President S. Ranbir Singh Parmar condemned Deepak Obhrai’s attempt to defame Sikh Image in Canada and his motion in strong words.

Disappointed from his attempt, Gurdwara management committee cancelled his Invitation to Khalsa parade (Nagar kirtan) Calgary 2018. This is happened first in Calgary’s history, when Gurdwara committee cancelled invitation to a Member of Parliament.

It’s pertinent to mention here that MP Deepak Obroi had try to bring Anti Sikh motion in the House of Commons, through opposition Conservative Party. But bowing to the pressure of Sikhs, the opposition Conservative Party has decided to drop its ‘anti-Sikh’ motion in the House of Commons.


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