CBI questions Deepak in the murder case of Shiv Sena leader Durga Prasad Gupta


Khanna: A team of CBI officials questioned Deepak for around two hours, but there was no breakthrough in the murder case of Shiv Sena leader Durga Prasad Gupta yet.

Trouble seems to be brewing for Khanna-based Deepak, who has been pleading innocence in the murder case of Shiv Sena leader Durga Prasad Gupta.

Apart from senior officials of the state police, intelligence agencies have been told to dig up information about the youth.

The CBI officials also visited Chandla market in Khanna and interacted with the shop owner where Deepak was employed. The sources said traders and their employees had reportedly told the CBI that the youth had a clean background.

Deepak is a native of Uttar Pradesh. He is settled in Khanna along with his family for the past over eight years. His family members have refused to talk, fearing further trouble for him.

According to a report  published in The Tribune,  the police also questioned the owner of the Royal Bullet motorcycle which Deepak had borrowed to drive home for lunch on April 22, 2016, a day before the murder of the Shiv Sena leader. The same day, Deepak had given lift to a youth from Lalhri Chowk and till Ratanheri railway crossing. He had claimed that the youth was a stranger to him. Notably, the Sena leader was also shot near Lalhri chowk.

“After Deepak dropped the suspect, he crossed the railway line and picked his bike parked opposite the crossing and left. What brings Deepak under suspicion is that he reached the shop within four minutes. It is being suspected that he had not gone home for lunch,” a source said.

SSP Navjot Mahal said: “Deepak is being questioned, but nothing substantial has come up so far. We have not given him a clean chit either.”



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