Dal Khalsa to Captain: Mind it if you won’t meet visiting guest his stature will not come down but yours will


Amritsar: Pro-freedom group Dal Khalsa joined issue with Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh for his remarks that he will not meet the visiting Canadian defence minister Harjit Singh Sajjan as he is a “Khalistani sympathiser”.

Notably, Sajjan is visiting New Delhi for bilateral talks with Narendra Modi government and then to Punjab later this month.

Dal Khalsa Leaders During Press Meet

Dal Khalsa head H S Cheema said if “Harjit Sajjan is a Khalistani sympathiser,” then why has India decided to hold talks with him? He wondered whether Indian leadership is naïve and less patriotic than Amarinder, who is displaying a holier than thou attitude and had publicly announced that he would not ‘welcome the state guest’.

Taking a jibe on the erstwhile Maharaja, Cheema said “It would be really interesting and amazing to see Indian leadership engaging and talking with Khalistani sympathizers officially at the diplomatic level”.

Another party leader H S Dhami said people of Punjab welcome Singh on his visit to homeland Punjab. We revered him not only because he is a Sikh but he represents the country that has great respect for Sikh aspirations, human rights and has recently recognised Nov 1984 mass killings as genocide. He urged the Sikh Diaspora to take a serious view of Amarinder Singh, who loves to meet infamous KPS Gill but dislikes meeting a visiting dignitary whose country and party has done good for Sikhs.

Terming it typical Maharaja talk, he said “Presently, you represent Punjab and not Moti Mahal. Your uncalled words for a visiting guest go against the rich traditions of Punjab”. Mind it, if you won’t meet him, his stature will not come down but yours will”, observed Kanwar Pal Singh.

He said “If you dislike Khalistanis, it’s your choice, we don’t mind, but your personal choices cannot be state policy.” Amarinder Singh is a split personality, he had forgotten, we have not that he signed the Amritsar Declaration and then backed out.   Unwittingly Amrinder’s utterance has put Khalistan issue back on the international discussion table.


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