Dal Khalsa to Captain- Will you ridicule Courts too that ruled demand for Khalistan is not illegal


Fatehgarh Sahib:  Dal Khalsa today lashed out at Punjab CM Captain Amrinder Singh for doing Khalistan bashing in a bid to hide his personal grouse against present day Canada government who could not felicitate his visit to the country before the assembly polls.

Advocate H S Cheema, head of the Dal Khalsa

What will you say about the judges of Supreme Court and High Court who in their orders has ruled that propagating the Khalistan cause in a peaceful manner is not illegal”, asked Advocate H S Cheema, head of the Dal Khalsa. “Will you dare to ridicule the courts also as you are doing in the case of Canada’s defence minister Harjit Singh Sajjan and even those who have objected to your unprincipled stand for not meeting him”.


Whether you meet Harjit Singh Sajjan or not, it’s your personal choice and the hell is not going to fall if you won’t. We reiterate if you won’t meet, Sajjan’s stature won’t be lowered but yours will.


He said theirs group stands for Sovereign Punjab- independent from India. And we won’t allow anyone including Amrinder to pretend to be a holier than thou by blaming Sikh insurgents alone of 35000 lives lost during the course of Punjab turmoil”. Whatever are the exact numbers, Amrinder should not forget that equal numbers of people were victims of state-terrorism”. The bloodshed in the past was regrettable for all of us and there should not be any selective politics over the deaths, he pointed out.


He said the Canadian society is open, mature and democratic in real sense unlike India, which is democratic and secular only on papers. He said the likes of Amrinder will have to first understand the value-based polity of Canada and maturity level of their rulers before doing tongue bashing against them. “Canada has allowed the people of Quebec province to exercise their right to self determination by holding twice referendum there, though the votary of separation failed to succeed”.  In sharp contrast to it, India has not only refused the same right to people of Kashmir, Punjab but suppressed their aspirations with brute force.


Reacting to Amrinder’s accusation that theirs group was playing to the gallery by criticising his uncalled remarks, party head said the erstwhile maharaja must admit that all the embarrassment he has given to people of Punjab and the Sikh community by name calling visiting dignitary is driven by his personal ego.


He said “It’s ironic that to settle personal score with Sikh ministers in Canadian government, Amrinder has deliberately misquoted and misinterpreted their sympathy towards the cause of human rights and justice”.



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