Dr Gandhi raises issue of Punjab River water and riparian rights in Parliament


Patiala: Dr Dharamvira Gandhi, Member of Parliament from Patiala on Tuesday raised the issue of Punjab River water looted by non-riparian stats Delhi, Haryana and Rajsthan. He said riparian rights of Punjab over its waters and federalism as a solution to the odds faced by people in the country.

Dr Gandhi also wore a T-shirt and carried placard to raise his voice on the issue in Parliament. He said the riparian rights under the provision of sovereignty over its waters have been scuttled through crooked means.

Dr Gandhi demanded that states be given more autonomy and centre-state relations should be revisited so as to allow the states to look after its own people and shape their future.

As per Hindustan Times report he said that since Independence, the successive governments have distorted the centre-state relations in a manner that the balance has dangerously tilted against the states. “The states have been caught in a debt trap, forced to cut social welfare pushing the lower strata to the edge depriving them of education, health and employment,” Dr Gandhi said.

He alleged that to achieve this objective of centralisation, the society has been increasingly divided over and over on the basis of caste, religion and race, thus weakening the resistance of the people and in the process throwing them into utter hopelessness.

Dr. Gandhi said that state governments have been pushed into begging with a bowl in hand asking for funds. “While a major part of GDP and taxes are generated in the states, they are hapless onlooker at the revenue sharing. This has been done through dispossessing the states of their right over their own resources,” said Dr Gandhi.



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