Emergance of Sant Jaranail Singh Bhindrawala  – A.R. Darshi



– A.R. Darshi

It was a providential coincidence that Jarnail Singh was born in1947 with the advent of independence of India in the Brar Sikh family of Baba Joginder Singh in village Rode, situated near Mukatsar, the heart land of Punjab.

Mukatsar is a historic town where Guru Gobind Singh had successfully fought the last battle with the mughal army. This was the region of the brave Brar Sidhu sikh tribes whom Guru Gobind Singh had paid tributes for their bravery. Village Rode is not very far away from another historic village, Dina, where Guru Gobind Singh stayed for some time and wrote famous Zafar Nama to Aurangzeb challenging  him to fight him there if he dared and cursed him for his treachery and atrocities committed on the Khalsa.

Sant Jaranail Singh Bhindrawale

Baba Joginder Singh, a follower of Dam Dami Taksal, was blessed with seven sons, the youngest being Jarnail Singh whose actual date of birth is not known.

Jarnail Singh studied up to fifth grade in the Government Primary School, Rode and was admitted in the Guru Tegh Bhadur Khalsa High School in the same village in the sixth grade but he gave up, scholastic studies because of his immense leanings towards religion and therefore he engaged himself in meditation and farming.

Sant Gurbachan Singh, Jathedar of Dam Dami Taksal, used to visit Rode off and on. One day he caught sight of young boy, Jarnail Singh, who he perceived had possessed extraordinary spiritual and martial qualities. He was so much impressed with Jarnail Singh’s captivating personality that he asked Baba Joginder Singh to place his son’s services at the disposal of Dam Dami Taksal. The baba, who himself was a devout Singh, readily agreed and Sant Gurbachan Singh took Jarnail Singh to village Bhinder Khaln in Ferozpur district which was the headquarters of Dam Dami Taksal there he was initiated and administered Pahul (baptised) by Sant Gurbachan Singh.

Jarnail Singh since then became Amritdhari and Shasterdhari, a disciple and an immortal soldier of Guru Gobind Singh. Even before initiation, Jarnail Singh used to recite NitNem (daily prayers) and Japuji Sahib besides carrying out his agricultural activities. After his initiation he learnt by hearth both Japuji and Guru Granth Sahib.

Jarnail Singh was barely 19, when he was married to Bibi Pritam Kaur, daughter of Sucha Singh of village of Balaspur, not very far away from village Rode. He was blessed with two sons, Ishar Singh and Inderjit Singh.

When Sant Kartar Singh, head of Dam Dami Taksal, met with a fatal accident near Ludhiana city and ultimately passed away in August 1977, Jarnail Singh in spite of opposition of Akali Dal and Akali government was anointed as Jathedar of Taksal.

Jarnai Singh at that time was hardly 30 years but he had possessed all the qualities of a visionary leader and a guide. However the Akali leadership and the Akali government underestimated his latent qualities and inexhaustible hidden energy. They considered him merely a novice in the mired and manipulative field of religio-political affairs. They conveniently forgot that great leaders are born and not made. And sant JarnailSingh was a born leader.

The Akali leadership in state of self delusion did not take even a casual notice of the struggle launced by Sant Jarnail Singh against the onslaught of the Nirankaris maligning the sikh religion and the sikh gurus nor did they try to counter that offensive. On the contrary they created several hurdles in his movement and tried to side line him. They even failed to take notice of the Union government’s covert support given to the Nirankari chief for his anti-Sikh and slanderous activities. In spite of all these hostile forces working against him sant Jarnail Singh stuck to his guns and remained a lone figheter against the offensive of the Nirankaris and valiantly defended the faith of Nanak.



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