There gangsters suicide on being cornered by police


Bathinda: Three gangsters commit suicide on being terrify of arrest by Punjab police.  A gangsters, Bunty Dhillon, Jaspreet alias Jumpy, and one category B gangster Nishan Singh committed suicide around 5.15 am on Tuesday at village Asakhera, PS Sadar Dabwali, district Sirsa.

File Photo: Gangsters Bunty Dhillon, Jaspreet alias Jumpy and Nishan Singh

They were hiding in house of Massi of Sharni, another gangster in jail.

Acting on a reliable input, Faridkot police team, along with local police of Sadar PS Dabwali, had surrounded their hideout by 4 am.

Bunty and Jaspreet were dreaded gangsters of Devinder Shooter gang, and were also associated with Vicky Gounder Gang.

They were involved in Tarantaran shoot out, Ravi Khwajka murder, Chautala double murder, Sirsa murder, and shoot out at Ponta sahib with police on 6 June.

Five weapons and one Scorpio car was also recovered by the police.



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