In a week, second assault on Sikh in California USA


California, USA: After near about a week, there is another incident of racial attack on a Sikh accrued in California State. Two White persons assaulted a Sikh old person in California. The incident was captured in a video which has since gone viral on social media.

The White attackers are said to be 20-21 year old and seemed to target the Sikh old man for the purpose of looting him.

The attack on Sahib Singh, which took place around 6 am while he was on morning walk,  is also being seen to hate crime.

The police were looking for the attackers on the basis of the video evidence.

Surjeet Singh malli was beaten up multiple times by two white men who yelled racial slurs at him, few days back. He wears a turban and that may be the reason he was targeted, but it may have also saved his life.


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