All India Sikh Students Federation to hold sovereignty march on June 6

AISSF chief Karnail Singh Peermohamand

Amritsat: All India Sikh Students Federation will hold “the sovereignty march on Jun 6 to mark Ghallughara 1984. The Indian Army conducted “Blue Satar” named attack on Sikh spiritual center Sri Darbar sahib, 33 yeaars ago on June 1984.

Sant Jarnial Singh Bhindrawale, Fedration president Bhai Amreek Singh and thousands of Sikh martyred during the army attack.

AISSF chief Karnail Singh Peermohamand said “Sikh sovereignty march will commence from Gurduara Shaheedan and will culminate at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, where the family of those who wre killed by the Indian Army during June 1984 will be honored.

“Under article  1 of the International Covenant on Civil and political rights, Sikh people have the right to self-determination based on separate religion, said Permohamand.

“We, the Sikh people have been subjected to genocidal violence in India and We will be approaching United Nations to exercise our right to self-determination, he added .


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