Kirpandhari Sikhs refused theme park entry in UK



London: In yet another case of religious discrimination A Sikh children’s group was denied entry into a Staffordshire-based Drayton Manor Theme Park in the UK after an elder accompanying them refused to remove the kirpan.

Hindustan Times has quoted the Birmingham Mail while reporting that the party, who had spent hundreds of pounds on tickets for a six-year-old’s birthday, encountered problems over the kirpan worn by the primary schoolteacher who is from a respected family in Coventry.

The group was left disappointed last Friday after being told that the kirpan would not be allowed in the park for health and safety reasons.

The families’ case has been picked up by the Sikh Press Association, which is seeking discussions with Drayton Manor to resolve the issue.

“In this day and age where the kirpan can be taken into Parliament, it is disappointing to see an amusement park ban this article of faith from their grounds,” the association’s spokesman said.

“After recent events which have made public news, people across the UK have seen what the Sikh community stands for. We were shocked to be treated in the way we were by Drayton Manor and it is something the Sikh community as a whole was surprised at,” he said.

A spokeswoman for the attraction said, the Drayton Manor Park is a family run business which operates within a multi- cultural society enriched with different creeds and beliefs and its staff welcome and embrace this. Kirpans have not been allowed to be worn in the park for a number of years as they pose a health and safety risk to members of the public.”



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