Ludhiana: 4-yr-old school boy alleges sexual assault by guard


Ludhiana: As per media reports a four-year-old boy has alleged sexual assault by a gatekeeper of Shivalikwala Doon School, in which he studies. The boy is a nursery student.

The police conduct an investigation at Shivalikwala Doon School in Ludhiana

Sources said the incident came to light when the boy informed his parents about pain in his private parts. The police said it could be a case of sodomy. The boy’s medical examination would bring out the truth.

The gatekeeper was rounded up today. He is yet to be booked.

The boy’s father said that for the past few weeks, his son had been complaining of pain in his private parts but he ignored it, taking it for a normal health issue.

He said that today, when he came back from school, he again complained of severe pain in his private parts. He told me that whenever he went to school bathroom, the gatekeeper (Class IV employee) followed him inside and assaulted him. We immediately filed a complaint at PAU police station.

“My son also told me the gatekeeper forced him to watch adult movies,” the boy’s father alleged.

Brij Mohan, SHO of PAU police station, said: “The boy has identified the Class IV employee. The police will check the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the school. The medical examination of the boy will make it clear whether or not he was sexually assaulted.”

This is the second such case in a year. On May 31, 2017, a molestation case was reported by parents of a KG girl. On June 29, gardener Naresh Kumar was arrested. The police gave a clean chit to the school management.

“We will cooperate with the police. If the gatekeeper is found guilty, he should be punished,” the principal said. He denied the possibility of sexual assault in the playway wing. “


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