Muslim-Sikh protest against Modi in Parliament Square, London


London: As per media reports Prime Minister faced protests during his four day Britain visit. Anti-Modi protesters raised banners which read “Modi, you have blood on your hands” and “Modi Not Welcome”.

Protest against India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament Square, London, UK.

Some People were protesting the Kathua and Unnao rape cases, the murder of Bengaluru-based journalist Gauri Lankesh and other issues.

As per Hindustan Times report, pro-Khalistani demonstrators from Sikh Federation UK and demonstrators from “Minorities Against Modi” group, were among nearly 500 protesters who descended upon Parliament Square.

NDTV states: The demonstrators were mostly Muslims and Sikhs calling for an end to “religious persecution”.

Protesters chanted “Modi go back” and “Modi is a terrorist”.

Kashmiri separatists held aloft flags, while others displayed posters depicting an eight-year-old Muslim girl, who was raped and murdered in Kathua in January, allegedly by a group that included policemen and a former government official.

Sikhs demonstrators were demanding independence. “Lots of different groups are here,” said Dupinder Jit, a Sikh businessman.

“What is happening in Modi’s regime is unacceptable, he is killing minorities.


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