Punjab Referendum 2020: Sikh For Justice (SFJ) Won’t Halt Campaign despite Sedition Charges


Chandigarh: Sikh right group “Sikhs For Justice” won’t stop “Referendum 2020 Campaign” despite the sedition charges against its legal advisor Gurpatwant  Singh Pannu and others.

File Photos: Gurpatwant Singh Pannun (L), Capt. Amarinder Singh (R)

As per “The Tribune” report, the human rights advocacy group said today that the case was an attempt by the Capt Amarinder Singh government to terrorise Sikhs of Punjab who had responded positively to the “Referendum 2020 Campaign”.

In a letter to Amarinder, SFJ’s legal adviser Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said: “The SFJ’s campaign is aimed at liberating Punjab from Indian occupation. Since we don’t recognise the authority of the Indian Government and the Constitution, the charges of sedition against my compatriots and me are extraneous”, reads a quote in The Tribune.

Pannun accused the Punjab CM of acting like a “toddler” and said he was “keeping a grudge against the SFJ for filing a torture case in Canada to hold him accountable for human rights violations during his 2002 stint as CM, and now by forcing sedition case against me, Punjab CM is of the view that we might back down from our campaign. But as a matter of fact I am more motivated and have resolved to make sure that we take up the torture case against Capt and his police officials in international courts”, reads notes in Hindustan Times.

“The sedition charges will not deter us from continuing our campaign in Punjab with a centralised office in New York,” he added.

Meanwhile, SFJ activist Gurpreet Singh, who was arrested yesterday, was remanded in 14-day judicial custody in Mohali today.

Pannun claimed, “Punjab Independence Referendum 2020 is a peaceful, non-violent and democratic campaign under the UN Charter, international laws and treaties”.


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