Sacrilege incidents: Probe panel set March 16 as deadline for Sukhbir Badal to respond


Chandigarh: The Justice Ranjit Singh Inquiry Commission appointed by the Capt. Amrinder Singh government to investigate incidents of sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib has given state’s former Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal another opportunity to share information on incidents of sacrilege in the state.

Justice Ranjit Singh Commission Lambasting Sukhbir Singh Badal for spreading “falsehood” and “misinformation” about the commission.

As per media reports, in a memorandum submitted to the Governor, Sukhbir had, among other things, mentioned that a deep-rooted conspiracy, having international ramifications, was behind the incidents.

Taking a note of his utterances in the memorandum, Justice Ranjit Singh (Retd) had asserted that evidence to this effect had not surfaced before him.

In a communication to Sukhbir, Justice Ranjit Singh had written that information on the incidents mentioned in the memorandum was vital for the ongoing inquiry. He was asked to urgently share the information through a duly sworn affidavit either by appearing in person or through post. Sukhbir, in return, had shot off a communication to the commission stating that they had “resolved not to reply”.

In a fresh communication to Sukhbir, Justice Ranjit Singh has asserted that the tenor of his letter showed that he was aware of the deep-rooted conspiracy. Yet, he was not prepared to share information with the commission.

Justice Ranjit Singh added that he was duty-bound and obliged to reveal his knowledge about the conspiracy, being a responsible citizen and head of a political party professing the Panthic agenda.

Referring to a statement made in the media by former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal that some foreign agencies were behind the incidents of sacrilege, Justice Ranjit Singh asserted that Sukhbir must be aware of the conspiracy theory for quite some time now, being the head of the state home department till March 2017.

As such, he ought to have taken appropriate measures to unearth it. Asserting that it imperative for him to share the information with the commission, Justice Ranjit Singh said it was of great significance as information or evidence regarding conspiracy had not appeared.

Justice Ranjit Singh asserted: “Instead of resorting to spreading falsehood and misinformation, you have better option to appear before the commission and disclose the information available with you about this conspiracy.”

Setting March 16 as the deadline for him to respond, Justice Ranjit Singh said the commission because of judicial training had restrained itself from confronting him and others with the evidence available with it, “raising serious doubts about the nature of investigation carried out in the cases of sacrilege or in regard to efforts to check these incidents”.

Sukhbir Badal had refused to reply

In a memorandum submitted to the Governor, SAD chief Sukhbir Badal had said a deep-rooted conspiracy, having international ramifications, was behind the sacrilege incidents

When asked to share information, Sukhbir shot off a communication to the commission stating that he had ‘resolved not to reply’



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