Seeking justice for Asifa, youths protest in Ferozpur



Ferozepur: Public outrage over the Asifa rape case has been growing fast. People from all backgrounds and ages came out on roads demanding justice for Asifa – 8-year-old Muslim girl.

As per media reports youths held protest march with placards in their hands –Justice for Asifa, We feel ashamed to be India, We don’t have faith Indian justice – demanding justice for Asifa.

Later the youths assembled at the Shaheed Udham Singh chowk and chanted slogans against the culprits and demanded justice for the victim.

They said, they are feeling unsecured in the country. Simranjeet Singh said, in this country the cows are more safe than us.  Had there been a murder of cow in the temple, the situation had been worse than now.  Those we are favour of the rapists and threatening to the lawyer of Asifa are a blot on the humanity.

Though the government assured stern action against the culprits involved in Kathua rape and murder case, the students from various colleges and schools on Monday staged protests against the incident, demanding authorities that those involved in the crime must not be spared.

The body of Asifa Bano was found in Kathua on January 17. A four-month police investigation found she was kidnapped, starved, drugged, and raped repeatedly inside a Hindu temple

The crime occurred back in January, but it caught the world’s notice this month after a group of Hindu lawyers tried to prevent local police, some of whom are Muslim, from filing charges against the accusers.




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