SGPC President says, Instead of opposing the decision of state of Ontarioon Sikh Genocide, the Modi government should accept it



Patiala: The decision of the Ontario legislative assembly describing the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as “genocide”, welcomed by Sikhs in whole world.

SGPC president Kirpal Singh Badungar today said: “We welcome the decision as Ontario paid attention to the concerns of Sikhs and we are thankful to the state. We also urge the Modi government that instead of opposing it, they should also declare the riots as genocide.”

Badungar was here to preside over the convocation of Khalsa College. He said the SGPC, on a number of occasions, had passed resolutions asking the Union Government to declare the riots as genocide. “We will again send a memorandum to the Modi Government that instead of opposing the decision of state of Ontario, the government should accept it,” Badungar said.

He said: “Though Dr Manmohan Singh offered an apology in Parliament over the issue, he only expressed regret over the riots. The apology should be offered on the behalf of Union Government.” He said.


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