Sikh activist Gurbakash Singh Khalsa jumps off the water works tank, Dies



Ambala: Gurbakash Singh Khalsa, who raised the Sikh political prisoner issue at the high level, has dead on Tuesday. He is demanding the release of Sikh Political prisoners, who already completed their sentence.

He started his hunger strike today and climbs atop the water works tank. When Police personnel started climb down forcibly, he jumped off. He rushed to kurukshetra hospital, where doctors declare him dead.

He had started his third hunger strike today seeking release of Sikh prisoners today, in his native village near Shahdad , Haryana.

It may be recalled that he started his first hunger strike at Gurdwara Ammb Sahib, Mohali in November, 2013.

Second time he started his hunger strike at Ambala in November 14, 2014 and after 64-days he ended it voluntarily.

Today (March 20, 2017) again he had started his third hunger strike for release of Sikh political prisoners, which ended with his life.


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