Sikh arrested for wearing Kirpan in Maryland


Baltimore, USA:  A Sikh arrested and handcuffed by police by wearing a Kirpan. Harpreet Singh, of the Baltimore arrested by the police.

“The police put me in handcuffs and drove me down to the precinct for wearing what they call a deadly weapon. They ignored all sentiments towards my religion and treated me as a threat to society,” Harpreet Singh posted on his Facebook account.

Harpreet Singh was in a grocery store when some other customers reported him the police.  Singh was handcuffed and arrested by the police, however later released.

“We live in a multicultural location Baltimore and we don’t know all of our neighbors this is a recipe for disaster shame on us,” he posted.  “We give a mish people the opportunity to practice their religion and not have to pay taxes their community owes the government millions and maybe billions of dollars in unpaid tax dues, the Quakers don’t have to go to war when there is a draft, but the Sikhs knife is too long come on man.”

Video captured by Facebook user Rachel Lachow shows Harpreet Singh’s arrested by Baltimore police.



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