Sikh Genocide 1984: Eyewitness Harvinder Singh Kohli and Sajjan Kumar face to face before court


New Delhi: Harvinder Singh Kohli, an eye witness of Sikh genocide 1984, testified against Sajjan Kumar and said that he is an eye witness to seeing Sajjan along with mobs who killed Sikhs.

Harvinder Singh Kohli

The Special Investigation Team, appointed by the Union government of India to re-probe Sikh genocide cases, on March 15 brought the key Sikh genocide perpetrator Sajjan Kumar and an eye witness Harvinder Singh Kohli face to face before the court.

As per availed information, Sajjan Kumar misbehaved with eye witness Harvinder Singh Kohli and tried to intimidate him but Kohli didn’t come under influence of his threats.

It is pertinent to note here that Harvinder Singh Kohli is an eyewitness of murders of his father Sohan Singh, his brother in law Avtar Singh and neighbour Gurcharan Singh by the Hindu mob led by Sajjan Kumar during Sikh genocide.

The court recorded Kohli’s statement without informing further action.



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