Sikh Genocide accused Tytlar and Sajjan asked to leave Congress protest venue in Delhi


New Delhi: As per media reports Delhi Sikh Genocide accused Jagdeesh Tyler and Sajjan Kumar told to leave protest venue Rajghat during Congress party hunger strike on Monday.

Jagdeesh Tytler (Photo ANI)

The Congress organised a day-long hunger-strike at Rajghat to highlight alleged atrocities against Dalits, tribes and minorities in the country.

According to The Tribune Sikh genocide 1984 accused leaders Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar leaving the stage before party President Rahul Gandhi joined the event.

Tytler and Kumar were seen leaving the Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial soon after their arrival for the Congress’ anti-government protest, apparently after being told to leave with their alleged links to the 1984 Sikh genocide in Delhi continuing to haunt them.

Tytler, who was later seen in the crowd, has been long accused of instigating rioters against Sikh following the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Kumar, who left the venue, is also accused of his involvement in two cases related to genocide.

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Ajay Maken, however, clarified that the two leaders were not asked to leave.  He said the stage and its enclosure at the venue were reserved for some Congress office-bearers, reads a note in The Tribune.

The Congress said its leaders were fasting to “promote communal harmony” and protesting against the government’s anti-Dalit policy


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