Sikh genocide: GK gets Jagdish Tytlar’s five original confessional videos


New Delhi: Five original confessional video of Congress leader Jagdish Tytlar received by the DSGMC president, Manjit Singh GK on March 24.

The DSGMC president, Manjit Singh GK claimed that he received five original videos of a sting operation on senior Congress leader, Jagdish Tytler, in which he allegedly admitted to his involvement in 1984 Sikh genocide.

File Photo: Jagdish Tytler

The videos received by Manjit Singh in February were blurred. The latest videos are original in which Tytler and the person who did the sting are clearly seen.

These videos came to him by speed post with a letter in which the sender introduced himself as Ravindra Kumar, a Delhi-based businessman. He is also seen in the latest videos Manjit received on March 24. The man, who identified himself as Ravindra Singh Chauhan, asked Manjit that if needed, he would present himself as a witness in the court. He also mentioned his contact number in the letter, reads a note in The Tribune.

In a conference GK disclosed that Ravindra in the letter said, “When the time is right, I will submit to your organisation as well as to courts, the full length ‘unedited’ video of the same meeting which is one hour in length.

The videos and letter would be submitted to the court and the SIT investigating the riot case, said GK.




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