Sikh pilgrims halted to visit Gurdwara Gurudongmar in Sikkim


Ludhiana: As per media reports Sikh pilgrims are not allowed to visit Gurdwara Gurudongmar in Sikkim. They allege that there are, however, no curbs on other tourists, who are issued permits from the state capital Gangtok.

Gurpreet Singh of BRS Nagar said he was not allowed to visit the gurdwara. Subash Singh of Chandigarh said a group of 25 Sikh pilgrims were not given passes to Gurudongmar from Gangtok.

Col Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal (retd), who recently went to the state, alleged that there was an “undeclared ban” on Sikhs. “The curbs have now been tightened especially after Guru Granth Sahib was unceremoniously removed from the gurdwara and was left on the road outside by Buddhist lamas at the gurdwara at Chungthang in August last year,” he claimed.

“It is disturbing as no FIR was filed for desecration. We have been demanding that the gurdwara must be reinstated, but instead of listening, Sikhs are not even being allowed to go there,”  The Tribune quoted Dalbinder Singh, secretary, Gurdwara Singh Sabha Siliguri, as saying.

Guru Dongmar is a lake at a height of 18,000 feet alongside a glacial peak known by the same name.

In this plateau the yak grazers approached Guru Nanak with a request, that, they do not find water in winter as it gets frozen all over, temperature falling down to minus 35 degrees. The Guru (Guru Nanak) hit the perpetually snow-covered Guru Dongmar Lake with his stick to provide water to the grazers. The ice melted giving way to crystal clear water. Since then the water of the lake is stated to never freeze. The lake and the hill feature atop came to be known as Guru Dongmar Lake and hill respectively.

Some grazers projected another problem to Guru Nanak. Due to the effect of altitude, their virility was affected. They requested the Guru to do something about it. Guru Nanak blessed the lake, saying,”Whosoever takes the water of this lake will gain virility and strength and will be blessed with children.” The people of the area have firm faith in Guru’s words and consider the water of the lake as nectar. A Gurdwara was constructed in the eighties to commemorate Guru Nanak’s visit to the place.

Now the gurdwara sahib here is maintained by the Indian Army and converted to Temple for all religions or Sarva Dharma Sthal.


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