Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu rejects Congress’s impeachment motion against CJI


New Delhi: As per media reports Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu rejected the Congress’s impeachment motion against the CJI Deepak Mishra.

According to The Print the motion, signed by 64 MPs of seven parties led by the Congress, was submitted to the Rajya Sabha chairman Friday, and stated five grounds to back their case.

In arriving at his decision, Naidu said, he had consulted “legal luminaries, constitutional experts, and former secretary generals of both the houses”. He added that comments made by former attorney generals and editors of prominent newspapers were “unequivocal and nearly unanimous that the present notice of motion before me is not a fit case for removal of judges”.

Citing constitutional provisions to define “proved misbehaviour” and “incapacity”, Naidu said the allegations in the case had not been “proved”. “There is no concrete verifiable imputation,” he added.

About the opposition’s allegation that the CJI had misused his power as master of roster, Naidu said, “Clearly, this is an internal matter to be resolved by the Supreme Court.”



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