Water Of Punjab: Half Of Samples Fail Test In Muktsar District


Muktsar: The results of the water samples tested by the health authorities in Muktsar district show that the residents here are at a risk of contracting waterborne diseases. Of the total 45 water sample reports came so far this year, 23 have failed to clear the “potability” test.

These samples were of underground water, canal water and reverse osmosis (RO) water being used in schools, other public and private places, including eateries in the district. Health Department officials said 15 water samples were lifted in January and five of them failed the test.

Similarly, 10 water samples were taken in April and six of them failed the test. Further, 20 water samples were lifted in May and 12 of them failed the purity test. The report of 10 water samples lifted this month is awaited. Muktsar district has the perennial problem of waterlogging and the salinity level of underground water is much higher than the other neighbouring districts.

At some places the TDS level of water is also much higher than the permissible limit for human consumption. Not just the human beings and animals, even buildings are bearing the brunt of “shora” (efflorescence). It has even rusted and ruptured the water and sewerage pipes and people are getting contaminated water supply in some areas. The district has more than 2,400 hepatitis C patients, which is the second highest in the state.

It also has the state’s highest average of cancer patients and over 1,100 people have lost their lives due to this in the last 10 years in the district. However, no detailed survey of water has been done in Muktsar district till date. Dr Hari Narain Singh, Civil Surgeon, Muktsar, said, “When the water sample is found non-potable, our team informs the departments concerned to adopt corrective measures. In some cases, we also recommend the change of water source. Our teams check heavy metal (mainly fluoride), bacteria combination and chemicals in water.”


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